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UK Surgeon Affiliated ISP PartnerThe first thing you'll need to create your own signature domain is a name for your web site. Then you will be required to secure this name by “registering your domain”. You should choose something that is personal to you, your company/business, hospital or surgery you work for or your surgical specialty. When this domain name is typed into a web browser you will be directed to your web page.

It is highly important that you register your domain name to ensure that it is your domain and no one else can take it, or use it.

UK Surgeon's affiliated Internet Service Provider is UK2.net.
Follow this link or click on the image to buy a domain from UK2.net

Points to think about when choosing a Domain Name

  • Try to create a short and descriptive Domain Name, the longer it is, the harder it'll be for people to remember!

  • Think about words that are descriptive to your personal specialty e.g. ukelbowsurgery.org.uk

  • Consider using your name for the domain name e.g. ChrisMacklin.org.uk

  • You may want to consider hyphenating words for your Domain e.g. Chris-Macklin.org.uk

  • Consider using your location if you wish to promote your local private practice e.g. hertsgynaecology.org.uk